Тренер который побеждает: об одесском тренере по всему миру уже ходят легенды

​Winning Coach: Pavel Yevtushenko (material from https://emf.rsportz.com/)

As a rule it’s not enough to have talent in muaythai to win maximum result, a person behind the ropes, holding the pads, working out the training routine, find approach to each athlete will always be the key to winning medals and accolades.

Ukraine has truly become a synonym to the top Muaythai country which would win few gold medals at each IFMA event they would ever participate.

Achievements of Ukrainian muaythai athletes at the multisports games were also outstanding. Muaythai brought Ukraine many positions up the rankings in the total medal count in the World Games 2017 while Ukrainian team won the Best Team award by number of medals won.

Sergey Kulyaba, Igor Liubchenko, Vasil Sorokin and many more are shining at the podium at each muaythai competition. While each athletes wins one medal, their coach can claim credit for each of their victory. Yevtushenko can truly be pround to wear gold medals of so many world championships, European championships, World Games, World Combat Games, Arafura Games and the list can go on.

In 2017 Yevtushenko was awarded the Best Coach award by IFMA for the bright performance at the Youth World Championships in Bangkok. Many of the youth have been buidling their careers into accomplished athletes and still generations of youth enroll for their first trainings inspired by victories of so many Ukrainian athletes.

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